Jen's Seminar Info

May 10, 11, 12

Seminars are $220 per day. This includes bagels, breakfast bars, coffee, tea and water. Also includes a catered, homemade lunch prepared by Wendi!

Seminars open to current students immediately.  Opens to everyone else on February 22nd at 9 AM.

Checks must be received within a week of receiving a confirmation from Sherrie. Checks should be made out to Sherrie Wilkes.  Sherrie will not be cashing the checks until a week or so before the seminars.

CANCELLATION POLICY: Cancellations after April 12th will receive a full refund ONLY if your spot can be filled.

Friday, May 10th and Saturday May 11th - Sequencing
This seminar will consist of sequences of jumps and tunnels (no contacts or weaves). You will work on seeing commitment and trusting your dog so that you can move ahead to help cue the dog to what is coming next on course. 

Open to all levels.  Dog must have a start line and be sequencing.
There will be a different course each day and you can sign up for one day or both.

Sunday, May 12th - Coursework
This is a course work seminar. 

Participants should be doing all equipment and be able to handle some technical sequences.


October 25, 26, 27    

Topics to be decided.  

For more information on any of these seminars, contact Sherrie Wilkes at

Jen's Bio

 Jen has been actively competitive in agility for over 20 years. 

In addition to Jen’s handling and dog training skills, Jen’s excellent teaching ability and ability to adapt to different styles of dogs is what makes Jen a highly sought after presenter and instructor across the country.   In 2015, Jen was invited to be part of the OneMindDogs Coaches team. 

Over the years, Jen has been very successful nationally and internationally.  Jen has won the Grand Prix with Sheltie Britain twice as well as Steeplechase twice.  She has also won Team and Steeplchase twice with Border/Staffie Taser. She has many placements at national events including AKC Nationals, Cynosports and the US Open.  Internationally she has been part of several medaling teams (AKC and WAO) and won the Silver in Biathalon with Britain at the WAO. She has put 8 ADCHs and several MACHs on her Border Collies, Jack Russells, mixed breeds, and a Sheltie. Jen is currently competing with her Sheltie Britain, Border Whippet Fiona and Sheltie Dayla.

Jen and her husband Bill reside in North Port Florida.  She teaches classes and private lessons for FiredUp K9s in both Florida and Michigan. She also conducts seminars and workshops around the country. Contact her at